TeamMember is a non-religious and non-political advocacy group made up of young Nigerians who are interested in seeing that Nigeria delivers high quality services to her citizens. TeamMember was borne as a result of the need to support Member get help immediately after the UN Bombing in Abuja in August 2011.


  1. Donation: ₦ 250,000.00 / ₦ 300,000.00
    Reconstructive Surgery
  2. Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 2,400,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transtibial Prosthesis Mary Modu, was ount on her daily routine when she was caught up into the Nyanya April, 2014 bombing. She was lucky to survive the blast but lost her left leg below the knee and shrapnel buried in parts of her body. She needs artificial limb to get on with her life in dignity.
  3. Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 3,600,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transfemoral Prosthesis
  4. Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 1,200,000.00
    Reconstructive Surgery Mrs. Joy Musa, once a businesswoman in the city of Jos, lost her husband and 4 children in 2012 in Jos and she also sustained life-threatening injuries following terrorist attack. She is in constant pain due to her injuries and is unable to cater for her two surviving children. She requires assistance to enable her undergo the 4th operation to repair her damaged leg and enable her lead a productive life.
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Member Feese considers herself very fortunate to have had good quality care and support. However she and TeamMember are worried about the limited opportunities available for many people who cannot...

Expected Impact of Centre

Establishment and development of prosthetic and orthotic clinical and technical services for persons with physical disabilities
Appropriate prosthetic and orthotic service delivery by certified personnel
Increased clinical leadership from prosthetic/orthotic personnel
Development of professional bodies and communities of practice in prosthetics and orthotics
Building local expertise and capacity in prosthetics and orthotics

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