Who We Are

TeamMember is a non-religious and non-political advocacy group made up of young Nigerians who are interested in seeing that Nigeria delivers high quality services to her citizens. TeamMember was borne as a result of the need to support Member get help immediately after the UN Bombing in Abuja in August 2011.

TeamMember believes that Nigeria has the capacity and the capability to be a great nation, which delivers effective and efficient services to its citizens.  However this will only happen if her institutions are better managed and resources utilized for intended purposes. The main goal of the group therefore, is to use the tools of advocacy and information sharing to contribute to increasing transparency and accountability in governance.

Aims and Objectives

To campaign for and promote the effective and efficient delivery of services in the areas of health care and education
To advocate for increased participation of citizens in promoting transparency and accountability in service delivery
To campaign for and promote the development and efficient implementation of social security programmes
To campaign for and promote the development of efficient implementation of women and youth programmes.

Our Team

The Board of Trustees (BOT) provides overall guidance and is made up of six eminent personalities. The organization also has a management structure that is made up of the Coordinator, Co-coordinator and a core team of technical experts designated as Policy Advisers, operators, mentors, volunteers, and ambassadors- all as volunteers. There is an administrator to do the day-to-day running of the office.