1. Engineer Thomas Adoche

    Donation: ₦ 250,000.00 / ₦ 300,000.00
    Reconstructive Surgery
  2. Halidu Ibrahim

    Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 2,400,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transtibial Prosthesis Halidu Ibrahim, while loading passengers into a taxi at the Nyanya motor park on 14 April, 2014 a bomb went off killing many people and injuring many others including him. Halidu lost his left legs below the knee. He wants to continue to be productive and need assistance. An artificial limb will help enable him walk and function again.
  3. Mary Modu

    Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 2,400,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transtibial Prosthesis Mary Modu, was ount on her daily routine when she was caught up into the Nyanya April, 2014 bombing. She was lucky to survive the blast but lost her left leg below the knee and shrapnel buried in parts of her body. She needs artificial limb to get on with her life in dignity.
  4. Nil

    Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 3,600,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transfemoral Prosthesis
  5. Joy Musa

    Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 1,200,000.00
    Reconstructive Surgery Mrs. Joy Musa, once a businesswoman in the city of Jos, lost her husband and 4 children in 2012 in Jos and she also sustained life-threatening injuries following terrorist attack. She is in constant pain due to her injuries and is unable to cater for her two surviving children. She requires assistance to enable her undergo the 4th operation to repair her damaged leg and enable her lead a productive life.
  6. Glory Eze (Mrs.)

    Donation: ₦ 0.00 / ₦ 3,600,000.00
    OttoBock Modular Transfemoral Prosthesis Mrs. Gloria Eze, a fruit seller around Emab Plaza in Wuse II lost her left leg above the knee due to the attack on the plaza in 2014 by Boko Haram group. It took frantic efforts to save her life from the dreaded attack. She is now unable to continue with her trade due to her inability to move around and be productive. She requires assistance to be fitted with an artificial leg to enable her move around.