Support to Establish and Run a Prosthetic Center in Abuja

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Member Feese considers herself very fortunate to have had good quality care and support. However she and TeamMember are worried about the limited opportunities available for many people who cannot access similar post-­trauma care and support. TeamMember would like to establish and run a clinic that would provide care and
support for as many as need it.

Goal  and  Objective:  The  goal  is  to  provide  rehabilitative  orthopedic  care  and  support  to   enable  patients  become  functional  and  productive  citizens.  The  specific  objectives  of  the   Centre  are  to:

  • Provide  clients  with  advanced  rehabilitative  care  and  support  after  the  initial  life-­‐ saving  treatment.
  • Provide  professionals  (orthopedic  surgeons,  prosthetics,  orthotics,  and   physiotherapy  and  psychotherapy)  with  information  on  current  rehabilitative   orthopedic  solutions.